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SA: Violent service delivery protests on eve of Human Rights day

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Human Rights Day: South Africa (March 21, 2012)
Reflecting on the injustices in a racist society

By J. Mare
21 March 2012

Today South Africa is commemorating Human Rights Day.

The ANC government, in their failed endeavor to promote human rights seems, not have made a difference since they came to power in 1994. On the eve of Human Rights day the country was ablaze with service delivery protests that even escalated in one area, into a full-out race war.

The links to stories about the ANC failure to live up to their promises of  a ‘ Better life for all’ that erupted into violence can be found  at the end of this story (Source URL’s).

While the black population protests violently against the ANC’s inability to govern, Afrikaners are also silently suffering as a result of the very same issues their black brothers are protesting about. The difference however, is that these Afrikaners don’t have a voice. Whereas the ‘black masses’ can boldly proclaim victim-hood, the Afrikaner community is seen as the culprit -,  the reason for -, and the instigators of -,  black suffering.



Bizarre logic influencing black perceptions

There’s a a bizarre logic at work influencing black perception.

While blacks voted the government of the day into power, subconsciously and very overtly, they still blame whites for their misgivings. One finds manifestation of this ‘failed thinking’ in the racist diatribe published on ‘Africanist’ or ‘African Nationalist’ pages like the PAC (Pan African Congress), ANCYL (ANC youth League) and even the governing party’s own social network page – from time to time.

But nowhere does it come more clearly to the fore, than in the black news publication,  The Sowetan.  This type of reasoning usually follows controversial articles  and culminates  in the most vile ‘anti-white’ racism by blacks in the commentary section afterward.

It is not unfair so conclude that the black youth is at a ideological crossroads. Will they allow the perception of ‘past injustices’, erroneously lead them on a path of genocide against whites and lately, even the coloured communities – or, will the realization dawn that the party they voted into power – is to blame for everybody’s misery?

It is not likely that the masses will choose to reject their own.

Why? Because nowhere is there a voice of dissent to be found, against the governing party’s unjust policies.

Nowhere will you find exceptions to the rule that  ‘Africanization’ or ‘indigenization’  of everything, from the private to the public sector – should stop. Nowhere will you find a voice of dissent against the extreme poverty created by ANC policies in the white community. Nowhere will you see protests against racist Affirmative Action and other racist ‘job reservation’ legislation strangling the Afrikaner population to death. Not even the official opposition can afford, to dare to come out in defense of this community, for fear of loosing the precious few black voters they’ve managed to convince to vote for them, thus far.

But this is not the story of political rivalry or angry youths at the crossroads. This is the story of a small very visible and increasingly beleaguered community that has been demonized to such an extent, that even the mental exercise (of trying to afford human right to these people), leads to cognitive incongruence for most people in the global village.

The effect on the Afrikaner community

The Afrikaner Journal has published 89 posts thus far, since its inception in 2010 to highlight the adverse effect “Africanization’ or ‘African Nationalization’ has had on my people. Most of the articles deal with the abject poverty experienced by this community as a result of ‘job reservation’.

Most youngsters have already left the country of their birth in search of a better life – where ANC racism can’t get to them, but for the aging community left behind, there’s only a bleak future of poverty in the land they once helped to make the greatest and wealthiest in Africa.

It is indeed a tragedy of epic proportions that looks (at this stage), as though it will culminate in the destruction of the entire South African society as we have known it to exist, for centuries. Cultures and languages are slowly eradicated and replaced by a single globalized identity enforced upon the South African populace by this  ‘marxist-communist’ regime.

Sue’s story

Pensioner Sue Applegrein (68) working in her vegetable garden - Source: DAILY SUN - 08122011 - MLUNGU'S LIFE IN THE VILLAGE

Pensioner Sue Applegrein (68) working in her vegetable garden - Source: DAILY SUN - 08122011 - MLUNGU'S LIFE IN THE VILLAGE


Meet Sue Appelgrein. Sue is a living example of the degeneration of living conditions experienced by Afrikaners.

Sue is the only white person living in the village of Ngcolosi, outside Hillcrest in KZN province, SA. She lives here at the mercy of the black residents of the village, who agreed that she could live there among them. This is a situation that can change at the drop of a hat however, and Sue may find herself homeless again should she fall out of favor with the villagers.

Sue grows vegetables and teaches the villagers how to sew for a living. She says she takes a taxi to collect her pension at the pension pay point.

Sue lost both her husband and her son. They died some years ago.

She says she’s been living in this village for the last seven years.According to her, the family moved there when their business failed, and with nowhere else to go, was forced to take up residence here.

Sue is a 68 year old pensioner.

She says she doesn’t consider herself to be a ‘mlungu’ – white person (privileged), anymore.

Many elderly Afrikaners find themselves at the mercy of others. Many don’t have food to eat, because the pension offered by the regime is way beyond inadequate and are the cause of many, slowly starving to death.

The amount changes every year. It is currently, since April 2011, R1140.00 ( app. 160$ Am, 114 Euro) per month, per person. If you are older than 75 years, it is R1160.00 per person per month. Source:State Pension

Sometimes, these meager pensions feeds several family members and it’s not uncommon to hear stories of the destitute surviving on canned pet food.

How you can help

Those interested in helping can contact:Solidarity’s Helping Hand Fund charity.

International donors can contribute to the Afrikaner Reddings Actie Fonds  (ARAF) – a Dutch based organization redirecting welfare donations for the up-liftment of the Afrikaner community,  to South Africa.

You can contribute to this fund from any where in the world.

Afrikaner Reddings-Actie Fonds

Afrikaner Reddings-Actie Fonds - Photo Source: Censorbugbear Reports (fb)

Source URL’s:

Race Riots in the Apple Orchard (Grabouw, Western Cape province, South Africa) by Mike Smith

Violence in Ogies – Mpumalanga
ANC begs for calm, before Human Rights Day celebrations
Sharpeville residents, setting tires alight, vandalizing monument in angry protest
Looting, arson, race war, Heidelberg on fire – Sowetan Live

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  1. My Friends: Here in America we have seized upon your emotional words and crieds for freedom from the ANC scourge. We have the ‘dark hatred’ of a new brand of Communist-Fascist in Obama, and he is trying to destroy us the way the ANC is trying to liquidate the 600,000 poor whites and mixed races in our answer to your cry: >>


    April 19, 2012 at 11:09 pm

  2. South Africa Afrikaners: We hear your cries for freedom and justice in the USA:


    April 19, 2012 at 11:10 pm

  3. Please examine our own Affirmative Action plights engraved by the Communist-Fascist President Obama who like some of your own in the ANC are now in the spotlight of JUSTICE and deserved REBUKE.


    April 19, 2012 at 11:12 pm

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