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Ethnic cleansing of Afrikaners: Pretoria

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011
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Pending forced-removal of thousands of Afrikaner/Boer poor who live in backyard shacks in Pretoria Wesmoot suburb: the black-majority regime of South Africa has launched an aggressive ethnic-cleansing campaign to wipe the Afrikaner presence from the South African landscape.

——————- ROODT DR DAN PRAAG protesting against farm murderers bail application RANDFONTEIN MARCH 13 2011 huge placard

by Jacques Mare –
On March 22 2011, Afrikaner human-rights campaigner Magda Stroebel faced the full wrath of the Supreme Court in North Gauteng for  daring to house thousands of destitute neighbours in emergency Wendy-House structures which are not deemed illegal in black townships. And just like so many times before, the case again postponed once again – to June 7 2011. It’s an ongoing terror-campaign: putting pressure on the Afrikaans community to leave Pretoria altogether.

Yet the Afrikaner/Boers who founded the city of Pretoria — are this desperately destitute for only one reason: the ruling black-majority government’s genocidal laws which bar ‘whites’ from the South African labour market. It is estimated in 2011 that at least one-million of the 3million-strong Afrikaner minority now are destitute and struggling to survive in such little squatter structures in their neighbourhoods.

The violence-driven ethnic-cleansing campaign targetting Boer-farmers in the countryside and families in the cities is also accompanied by the deliberate empoverishment of the Afrikaner/Boer minority under the ANC-black majority government  – and this vicious campaign targetting the defeated ‘whites’ of South Africa is now even raising questions in the European Parliament – with parliamentarians confronting  SA president Jacob Zuma while he was addressing it:

Stroebel Magda Pretoria MOOT region thousands poor Afrikaners forced to move to black townships WendyHousesdemolished
However the ANC-run municipality wants to forcibly remove this entire, very adhesive community of Afrikaners away from their own cultural environment, away from their churches, away from their libraries, away from their schools  and most importantly, away from each other – the Afrikaners of Die Moot, Centurion and Krugersdorp all are being being forcibly “integrated’ into black townships – where their lives are endangered and where many Afrikaners have been found cruelly raped, murdered and torched to death over the past 16 years.
Mrs Stroebel is putting up a valiant but very lonely fight to keep this massive ethnic-cleansing campaign in her Wes Moot community from happening. Once the court orders the removal of the Wendy Houses – using the pretext of an old apartheid-era municipal bylaw — the ANC-city council will be able to forcibly evict tens of thousands of destitute Afrikaners in Pretoria. This apartheid-era municipal bylaw states that residents may not put up structures on their properties without permits. However apparently these bylaws only apply in ‘white’ areas – because black townships are awash with illegal backyard structures and none of their occupants or owners are ever taken to a court of law.
Mare writes: “Some of these marginalized people have already given up all hope that any of their own people will ever come to their rescue. Many are being pressurised into applying for the tiny government-built houses in black townships – (where residents have already organised protests against the housing being given to ‘poor whites’ and warning that they ‘will not be welcome’.)
POORWHITESDIEMOOTPRETORIAETHNICCLEANSINGFORCEDREMOVALTOBLTOWNSHIPSMARCH10222011COURTCASE The ANC-regime’s refusal to accept the 3-million Afrikaners as a unique ethnic-minority with their own cultural rights to their own culture, is thus destroying community after community – and this ethnic-cleansing campaign is spreading all over South Africa, steadily annihilating the historical presence of the Afrikaner in South Africa.
Mare writes: “Moreover, Afrikaners seem to be either supportive of this policy, or are approving of the regime’s methods, because of their silence on this issue. When are we going to wake-up and start fighting for our very existence? Stop the marginalization of Afrikaners now. We must take back our own communities.”
The case was last heard in December 2010 and it has been repeatedly postponed because the municipal officials involved have resigned or are not available. It was postponed again, this time to June 7 2011.
In media briefings the Freedom Front plus party’s representative for the Wesmoot area, Philip van Staden, said that the case took a strange turn in December 2010 when the building inspector for the Pretoria Metro council, Pierre de Villiers, suddenly resigned – apologising in writing to the court for not being able to attend the proceedings. According to the prosecutor, De Villiers was in Mosselbay for a job interview”, Van Staden said. Moreover, the magistrate originally assigned to hear the case was also not present due to illness. “
Speculation was rife about the strange circumstances surrounding De Villiers’ sudden resignation. He said: “The state hasn’t provided any evidence to support the charge that will in effect prohibit property owners from erecting these structures (wendy houses). The state is therefore wasting the tax payers’ money in pursuing this matter”. The FF+ had handed a memorandum to the state and the mayor of Pretoria in December 2010 demanding that the charges against Mrs Stroebel be dropped, claiming that the government should be held responsible for the fact that the working-class Afrikaners of Pretoria now have to live in abject poverty in squatter camps and in people’s backyards in the first place.
For more about this story, follow this link:
Please show your support by: *contacting Philip van Staden (FF+) councilor for the Wesmoot,
*spreading this note to all your friends *contacting Ms Stroebel directly –  with your offer of support, here:
*contributing to the non-profit organization: ” Angels at work”details available here:

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Written by astro4mare

March 25, 2011 at 8:00 pm

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  1. Is there any way one can print out this page so that one can put the story up as a poster and distribute it in pamphlet form??

    Adriana Stuijt

    March 25, 2011 at 8:34 pm

    • Very good idea!

      We can hand them out to people at the next court date, at malls and shopping centers.
      Will have to discuss it with the relevant role players and other gatekeepers to maximize the effect.
      Let me discuss this with a few people and I will let you know in due course.

      Thank you for all your hard work as well; – You’ve been a teacher, an inspiration and a mentor to me in so many ways.
      Without your subtle and discreet encouragement, I’d have given up a long time ago.


      March 26, 2011 at 7:02 pm

  2. Fight the ANC in the courts,protest loudly
    and draw the attention of all forms of media
    to the plight of the Afrikaners. The Afrikaners
    is one ethnic group which has no rights under
    the ANC lead government. The increase of murder
    of farmers,barred from employment because of a
    policy of Africianization in employment,the government using race baiting adds up to human rigths violation and genocide of the Afrikaners.

    Theodore Jessa

    April 19, 2011 at 4:01 am

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