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VVK registration campaign – Daspoort, Pretoria

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South Africa,
24 July, 2011

VVK Registration campaign in Daspoort
By J. Maré

J Mare


Yesterday saw many people in the poverty-stricken community of Daspoort in Pretoria, register for the Volksraad-council elections, later this year. People came from all over the Wesmoot to register. In addition to the registration officials, representatives of the Doulos Armoede Bediening (Doulos Ministries), Angels At Work (Facebook-Page) and the Afrikaner Journal were present.

The response to the call for registration was so great that the VVK officials (Charl De Jager & Jacques Maré) ran out of registration forms. The atmosphere was electric and lively debates about self-determination, could be heard through-out the day. Despite their circumstances, community members have shown a great deal of resilience in resisting the relentless onslaught by the ANC Metro-council to disposes them of their homes.



This was just another step in the fight for dignity – placing their names on the voters role, to make sure that their voice will be heard by a council, elected from among their own.

Afrikaners registering for VVK elections - Daspoort, Pretoria - 23 July 2011 - Photo Source, The Afrikaner Journal

Afrikaners registering for VVK elections - Daspoort, Pretoria - 23 July 2011 - Photo Source, The Afrikaner Journal

Forced removals pending

This community in Daspoort faces forced evictions by the ANC city council (Tshwane Metro Council).

The ANC has  already targeted one property owner and has furthermore  identified the structures (homes) to be demolished. It is just a matter of time before the order will be given to destroy the lives of this embattled community.

Magda Stroebel founder of the Angels At Work welfare organization,  is due to appear in court again on the 29th of this month to face trumped-up charges of violating certain building regulations. She is however providing shelter to many people who simply don’t have anywhere to go.

Magda and George Stroebel, facing trumped-up charges by the ANC Metro Council

Magda and George Stroebel, facing trumped-up charges by the ANC Metro Council - Photo Source: The Afrikaner Journal

According to Ms Stroebel, the council has yet to announce its intend, to move them and provide suitable homes for them within their communities and  among those who share their language and cultural identity.

The council, obliged to act according to the SA constitution, must offer alternative housing for those they intend to evict. No word from them about how they plan to solve this dilemma. Not only do face creating a humanitarian crisis, but this situation can very easily turn into severe ‘human rights’ violations by the newly elected ANC council.

In addition,  activists are claiming that the ANC is biased in their approach towards members of different race groups. They claim that the ANC’s concerns, that this type of  accommodation violates building regulations, is bogus and intend to be deliberately malicious towards members of this race group, because they (the ANC) allow black people from outside these communities to erect dilapidated structures anywhere they like, and in many cases ,choose to ignore the health and safety risks posed by such shanty towns.

How does the VVK fit into the picture?

The VVK (The independent registration council for the Volksraad elections) came into being as a body that facilitates  registration of all eligible persons  on the voters roll for a future election,  to set up a legitimate Afrikaners/Boer governing council.

This elected body will be the governing body that will make executive decisions on behalf of the Afrikaner/Boer nation and will furthermore be the mouth piece and administrative body of all matters connected to this group of people.

'Vryheid * Eenheid * Geregtigheid'  - VVK Emblem  - 'Freedom  * Unity  * Justice'  - VVK Emble

'Vryheid * Eenheid * Geregtigheid' - VVK Emblem - 'Freedom * Unity * Justice' - VVK Emble

The Volksraad (as it will be known), will be the modern equivalent of the governing body that governed the Boer Republics during the brief period of our independence in the late nineteenth century. Each of the Boer republics was governed by a Volksraad (council), consisting of democratically elected representatives from among the Afrikaner/ Boer population.

The need for a council became clear after 1994 when the Afrikaners/Boers found that their political voice in the ‘New South Africa’ has reduced to a mere whisper. The situation has deteriorated to such en extend that there’s now, no political party in the NSA that represents this nation in the South African parliament. The ANC has therefore had a field day in establishing the most polarized society in the world. They managed to pass many racist and blatant genocidal laws to express their policies.

The VVK discusses the legal position of the Afrikaner/ Boer nation in detail and those interested in studying the argument for self-determination can follow these links:

(Unfortunately the documents are only available in  Afrikaans – Google Translate will be helpful to international visitors to the site)

Die Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) se kortbegrip van die pad na vryheid

Additional links found on this website (In English):
Accord on Afrikaner Self-determination between the Freedom Front, The African National Congress and the South African Government/National Party.

Artikel 235 van die Grondwet, wet 108 van 1996

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Minorities

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007)

The United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Vrede van Vereeniging

Daspoort residents waiting in line to register - 23 July 2011 - Photo Afrikaner Journal

Daspoort residents waiting in line to register - 23 July 2011 - Photo Afrikaner Journal

The National Council (Volksraad) will deal with the following emergency issues in addition to the issue of self-determination:

  • ANC laws causing severe poverty

ANC laws have resulted in severe poverty among an estimated 800 000 Afrikaners and most of these people are literally living like animals in makeshift structures and shacks all over the country.

The Journal reported in an earlier article:

“… the ANC regime has managed to marginalize… “Afrikaners”, by introducing legislation to bar members of this group, from almost all economic activity, by means of racist job reservation legislation.

The effect of the above racist policy is an increase of 150%  in the number of abject poverty-stricken members in those communities – the estimated number of poor has reached a mind-boggling (conservative figure) of  600 000 out of population of  4 million. This, expressed as a percentage, amounts to 15% of the population.

At this rate, the ANC will keep on harming and impoverishing this specific community as follows:

  • 25% of all Afrikaners (1 084 556) will be destitute, seven years from now,
  • 50% of all Afrikaners (2 133 444) will be destitute, fifteen years from now,
  • 75% of all Afrikaners (3 256 302) will be destitute, twenty years from now,
  • 100%  of this group will be living in absolute squalor by 2034 – a mere twenty-three years from now”

Source (for the above quote):  Championing Europe’s Leadership in the Fight Against Extreme Poverty: – The South African perspective – The Afrikaner Journal

  • The Afrikaner Diaspora (Boer refugees)
    The ANC has managed to purge the South African society of its most valuable asset – trained/educated Afrikaners that could have  contributed to the welfare of this country. An estimated 1 million ex-pat Boers are living in exile in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Many countries have rightfully acknowledged their status as refugees and the number of Afrikaner refugees have soared.

Censorbugbear Reports, commented on the issue of the number of  South African refugees internationally:

There are 170 South Africans with legal refugee status in Germany, 111 in the USA, 46 in Ireland, 33 in Canada, 24 in the UK, 18 in France and 15 in Australia.(From our information, it is also believed that some ten applications are also pending in New Zealand.)  – Source: SA’s 604 overseas refugees

Afrikaner Poverty - Whites living in squalor

Afrikaner Poverty - The white part of the rainbow nation, living in squalor

  •  Internal Displaced Persons (IDP’s)
    Those Afrikaners/Boers, not in the position to flee this systematic genocide, have become internal displaced persons in the country of their birth.  They live in squalor,  in camps – in and around the major cities. It was in one of these communities that registration for the council election took place.The UNHCR (The United Nations Refugee Agency) describes the position of displaced Afrikaners very aptly, in this quote from their website dedicated to IDP’s:

Internally displaced people, or IDPs, are often wrongly called refugees. Unlike refugees, IDPs have not crossed an international border to find sanctuary but have remained inside their home countries. Even if they have fled for similar reasons as refugees (armed conflict, generalized violence, human rights violations), IDPs legally remain under the protection of their own government – even though that government might be the cause of their flight. As citizens, they retain all of their rights and protection under both human rights and international humanitarian law.

Stop Discrimination! - United Nations Information Center - Schoeman St, Pretoria, South Africa - Photo, The Afrikaner Journal

Stop Discrimination! - United Nations Information Center - Schoeman St, Pretoria, South Africa - Photo, The Afrikaner Journal

The United Nations published a report in May 2010 and in it John Holmes, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, notes the following:

More than 27 million people were uprooted by violence within their countries in 2009, the highest number since the mid-1990s, according to a new United Nations-backed study.

The term IDP and other jargon “do not come close to doing justice to the truly awful experience of being displaced – disoriented, traumatized, confused, fearful, disempowered, dependent, helpless,”

The six countries with the largest IDP populations are Sudan, with nearly 5 million; Colombia, with between 3.3 and 4.9 million; Iraq, with almost 2.8 million; the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), with nearly 2 million; Somalia, with 1.5 million; and Pakistan, with 1.2 million.

Africa is the region witnessing the greatest volume of internal displacement, with a total of 11.6 million IDPs in 21 countries, while South and South-East Asia saw the biggest jump in numbers of IDPs from 3.5 million in 2008 to 4.3 million in 2009.

Source: Internal displacement at highest level since mid-1990s, finds UN-backed report

If the UN definition, acknowledges the conditions of internally displaced Afrikaners – shouldn’t  this situation be recognized as such and their status recognized,  in order to make relief efforts available?

or, is the UN secretly giving the ANC regimes racist legislation (and the cause of this displacement) a nod of consent?

In addition to this, Censorbugbear Reports, reported in May 2011:

Farmitracker also records another ominous trend –  namely the ANC-regime’s refusal to provide any kind of food-aid to Afrikaner charities; and its very deliberate persecution of private individuals and private charities which dare to help destitute Afrikaner internal refugees.

Many of these people are waging an increasingly desperate battle to keep these hundreds of thousands of destitute Afrikaners who are floating around the countryside alive, fed and housed each day.

Afrikaners flood internal refugee camps

These emergency issues mentioned here, is by no means complete, but represents the most pressing needs.

If yesterdays response is anything to go by, the VVK may have to consider establishing an interim council to deal with the immediate needs in our communities.

Additional Links related to this story:

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  1. Solidarit is the only way that afrikaner people in need,will be able to stand up and ‘live agian not only surviving’ to be able to look after their children.We all have children and our future are in their hands one day.Stand together by joining solidarity movements in SA to help afrikaners to get back on for studies;’new day’ for everyday food to the hungry,www worknett for jobs,solidariteitsradio ,solidariteit,
    So let us join hands like arikaner men and women did after the anglo boer war by creating our own way forward ,till we are at the top again.We’ve been down after the Brits almost wiped us off the planet,and they were clever and the strongest nation on the planet.We survived that ,so this is not a un-asailable task.STAND UP,WAKE UP,and help eveyone around you ,best you can!!!
    For those with money,please support our nations poor and needy children,they are

    the future of existence

    Zak Scheuer

    September 10, 2011 at 4:02 pm

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