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Do whites in South Africa have human rights?

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Do whites in South Africa have human rights?
By: Sonia Hruska
20 December 2011

Stop Discrimination! - United Nations Information Center - Schoeman St, Pretoria, South Africa - Photo, The Afrikaner Journal

Stop Discrimination! - United Nations Information Center - Schoeman St, Pretoria, South Africa - Photo, The Afrikaner Journal

Never before in the racially unstable history of South Africa has the country been so polarized by hate speech, Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action. Now, with reversed roles the question should be asked if whites can count on the same human rights as were awarded their fellow black citizens. Nelson Mandela said: “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Does this pertain to the freedom of whites too?

Julius Malema sings about killing whites and taking away their land without compensation. The courts determined that it is hate-speech, but he continues to sing it. According to international law, as set out by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, an early warning mechanism where racial discrimination has reached alarming levels is: ” (b) Presence of a pattern of escalating racial hatred and violence, or racist propaganda or appeals to racial intolerance by persons, groups or organizations, notably by elected or other State officials;”

Affirmative action as implemented by the ANC government is illegal, it should be time-bound, closely monitored and evaluated. They should not lead to the maintenance of separate rights for different groups and should not be continued after their intended objectives are achieved. Nuff said!

What do you think?

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2 Responses

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  1. No, I want say yes but cant. for these reasons:

    The whites are just good to help and do more than what is needed for black people and other races, when they refused to give more, they kill you with out thinking twice.
    What has the black man really have ever done for this country, with out an white person directing and assisting them???

    I know of allot of people, white, black, colored and other races who feel that most of this racism is not coming from the people who fought for freedom, but from the younger generation, who is just destroying our country and don’t care about anyone’s rights. They feel the world owes them everything, when the fact is they to lazy to work and the government is so corrupt that you can do crime with out worrying about sitting in jail for life. Because in jail you get allot more than any other person that is not a criminal in SA….

    If an person speaks about the unfairness you get beaten, killed, arrested, screamed at and accused of being an racist or trying to over throw the government. so to answer the question again HELL NO !!!


    December 20, 2011 at 8:06 pm

  2. Remember South Africans! There are no statutory limitations on war crimes and crimes against humanity. This was propounded and registered in the Convention adopted by the UN General Assembly on November 26, 1968. Under this Convention, the signatory states (of which your country was 1) are obliged to take, in accordance with their constitutional procedure, legislative or other measures to ensure statutory limitations are not applied to crimes against humanity (i.e. any prejudicial action uncurtailed or ‘pre-regulated’ by the Malema-Zuma malignant government against the Afrikaner people to deprive any human right guaranteed by your constitution in the ‘spotlight’ of the UN purview from this Schoeman St. office), and to abrogate all statutes allowing of such application. An Afrikaner multi-state delegation should compile a list of criminal infractions by racist politicians and their charges which must document entire genocidal injustices by subject and area-region, and present these horrific names of those responsible with proper documentation to this Schoeman St. office for prosecution “as crimes of apartheid”.

    For instance, between May 8, 1945 and January 1, 1964, legal proceedings were instituted in the Federal Republic of Germany against 30,000 persons accused of nazi crimes. In 5,445 cases war criminals were convicted, and in 4,033 acquitted. In all Euro-courts during this period of time, of over 100,000 persons charged with nazi crimes, 45,059 persons were convicted. Please examine the files at the Ludwigsburg Center. Study the process.

    The West German police force were infiltrated with ex-nazis and SS men, which had to be purged by trials and arrests…and subsequently were when the code of law ‘protecting their hiddenness in society’ was erased by Paragraph 50/2 of the FRG Criminal Code: This 50/2 para. spoke of “different degrees of guilt of those involved in a crime”, which unmistakably exists in the problematic codes of current South African criminal laws. Under a ’50/2′ provision “punishable actions can be interpreted more broadly as complicity with any crime, i.e. ‘language of a destructive nature’ as used against a sect of people’ in SA would be prosecuted. The pursuit of “desk criminals” who initiate the crimes must be investigated to the fullest extent of new laws if old laws are not reaching. Remember these are all crimes against peace and humanity. There are no statutory limitations preventing you from pursuing these criminals who’ve murdered their victims based on race and color.


    December 21, 2011 at 12:46 am

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