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ANC centenary celebrations in retrospect

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ANC centenary celebrations in retrospect
By: Johan PB Prinsloo
10 January 2012

Johan PB Prinlsoo

Johan PB Prinlsoo

The centenary celebrations of the ANC must be viewed for what it is, the trigger for much worse to come. Reading what Julius Malema has been saying over the past few days is most disconcerting to say the least. He is being ignored by most, just as was the case a year or two ago, when he was regarded as just a stupid kid. Now he is being disregarded, because he was dispelled from the ANCYL.

White South Africans truly are stupid themselves. He is busy stirring the pot like never before with statements like :

“Domestic workers get raped in the bedrooms of the baas & the madam. They’re silent because they’ll loose their job.”


“We don’t want to drive whites into the sea. In 10 years we want white domestic workers.”

He is urging the maids to rise up to their white employers and suggesting that in ten years from now the white women may be raped by their black employers.”

He is urging blacks to take up arms against the whites with statements like

“Mandela said letters to the Queen doesn’t help. Take up the weapon. Ideas Is not gonna bring economic freedom.”

This is blatant hate speech and he is openly urging blacks to take up arms against the whites. He is breeding hatred against whites by playing on the emotions of the ignorant black masses suggesting the the black maids are suffering at the hands of their white masters, being raped and silenced.

In so doing he is, like the white liberal dogs, warranting the rape and murder of whites. Has anyone silenced him about these statements? Has any church in this country said anything about it? Has any spineless appeasing human rights activist said anything about it? Even if Afriforum was to take him to court afterwards for having said it, would it make any difference to those masses of ignorant uneducated blacks who took it to heart?

The Rev. Kemo Waters said on Twitter on the morning of January 07, 2012 –

“For the life me I never could understood why Malema’s rhetoric found a home in many hearts… Till I moved to the racist Cape Town…”, “It’s sad that the only time a black man is taken seriously is when he calls for blood… Racism isn’t important till the victim gets mad”

and then just a few minutes later he said

“Just like Malcolm X, I do not advocate for killing. However, freedom from racism should be prioritized and sought ‘by any means necessary'”

So what is he saying other than that killing is the only way?

Update: Julius Malema's Hate Speech Trial - Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The ANC is mobilizing a regulated, controlled ethnic cleansing campaign against Afrikaners and all persons of etnic European descent

I said in December 2010 that by June 2012 year people would be shooting at each other in the streets of the New South Africa, and lately I have been doubting my own interpretation of the future, based on what I knew then, versus what I know now, but statements made at events like the ANC Centenary strengthen my conviction that if things continue along these lines, blood is going to flow very soon in this god-forsaken white liberal sold out wasteland called the New SA.

I am finding it difficult to convey to white South Africans my fears about the dangers that lie ahead, because I’m often accused, even by the right-wing volkstaters, that I’m a prophet of doom, but so be it. As long as I can reach only a few I’ll be satisfied, I do not care for volkstaters anyway, because they do not care for anyone but themselves.

As for the rest of us, we need to take stock and we need to be awake, aware, and alert. Malema, Sexwale, white liberal trash and others have been manipulating people’s perceptions of the past to control their thinking and drive it in a direction they want.

ALWAYS REMEMBER that a white liberal is the same as any black radical, because they will always warrant the actions of the black radical in the name of so-called freedom and liberation.

Malema is manipulating the perceptions of blacks, by painting a picture in their minds that black maids are being raped on a daily basis by their white employers, that whites have been stealing from the blacks, that talking is not good enough and that blacks should take up arms against the whites.

Sexwale has been manipulating the minds of blacks by telling them that the white farmers have been driving the blacks from the farms and that is the reason we now have almost 3000 squatter camps in the country.

Slowly but surely they have been building a case to hate whites to the extreme.

There is now a million times more racial friction in this country than at any time in history, thanks to liberals, appeasers, the Malemas and Sexwales and others, deliberately instilling hatred in the hearts of the black masses. They want war, they want mass genocide against the whites, and it will happen, fortunately even the white liberals will experience it first hand.

They are also manipulating the white right-wing, hoping that they would start it for them, because then they know the whole world and the local white liberal scum would support them when they move in and wipe out the whites. If they could get the whites to start the fight they would have won their greatest victory, because in the eyes of the world they would be warranted to stop the white revolt and they would be allowed and supported in wiping us all out.

Hell is about to descend upon this country, for the whites in particular, and we had better realise it. The white liberals would try to convince you that there is no danger, no chance of genocide or civil war and that we have a great future ahead of us. The Volkstaters would try to convince you that there is no immediate danger, no chance of civil war and that there is sufficient time (another 20 to 30 years) for them to lead you to their Canaan so you should relax and leave your life and the life of your children in their capable trustworthy hands.

But heed my words today if you want, I’ve been concerned for a long time, but I’ve never been as concerned as I am now. We should not be sitting back, we should not be depending on politicians, liberals and idealists, we should not be allowing others to blindfold us as to the reality of the threat ahead, we should be planning and preparing ourselves in accordance with the realities of what is happening right in-front of our very own eyes.

Life in SA has changed, it is changing now and it is going to change for the worst, much worse than we could ever imagine. There is no time left for dreams, there is no time left to sit back and think it would all go away, it is time to get ready and prepare for that which everyone has been telling us would never happen.

This is Africa, this is not the west where people negotiate and make deals, here they take what they want, based on what their hearts and emotions tell them and those hearts are more filled with hate against the whites today than ever before.

Heed the words of the Rev Kemo Waters on twitter, January 07, 2012 –

“The only way to end racism is to kill a material number of whites.”

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  1. It’s the White Genocide program of anti-Whites that’s put South Africa in its present state.

    It’s the White Genocide program of anti-Whites that is flooding EVERY White country and ONLY White countries with non-whites, and is demanding that Whites assimilate and blend themselves out of existence.

    The people who are carrying out this program of White Genocide call themselves anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.
    White GeNOcide Project

    Harumphty Dumpty

    January 10, 2012 at 8:17 pm

  2. “The only way to end racism is to kill a material number of whites…”

    A perfect example of the statement I write at the end of all my comments everywhere,

    “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.”

    Harumphty Dumpty

    January 10, 2012 at 8:18 pm

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