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‘Blikkiesdorp’- A portrait of misery and hope: Introduction

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‘Blikkiesdorp’ (Krugersdorp, South Africa)

A portrait of misery and hope – Introduction:

ANC gives  houses to poor Afrikaners
By J. Maré
18 March 2012

The Look Local website reported on March 2nd, 2011 that residents of Appel Park in Krugersdorp were overjoyed when they were given houses by the ANC city council (29 February 2011).

Executive mayor, Koketso Calvin Seerane pointed out that members of the Mogale City council, are ‘people of their word’.

The following is the original publication that brought the problem of housing for the marginalized Afrikaner community in Krugersdorp, to my attention – I quote it here in full:

More houses handed over in Appel Park

Some residents of Appel Park were overjoyed when they were given their houses on 29 February from the Mogale City Municipality.

02 March 2012 | Chemélle Barnard

The Mogale City Local Municipality has handed over more homes to deserving residents of Appel Park.

The Burgershoop Community Hall was filled with emotions on the morning of 29 February.

Executive Mayor, Koketso Calvin Seerane pointed out that members of the Mogale City Council are people of their word.

“We have made a commitment to give ownership of the houses to the residents, and we are here to do exactly that. Poverty does not only exist in the townships, but also in the suburbs,” said the Mayor.
He mentioned that they are aware of poverty and that they aim to make Mogale City a better place for all.

Houses given to Appelpark residents - Mogale City - 29 February 2012 Source,

“We have already handed over 66 houses, and 101 must still be handed over.”

Jakkie Naudé, Ward Councillor for Ward 20 says that he believes that there are only 100 houses to be handed over because one has burnt down and has not been repaired. Residents stood waiting anxiously for news of who would be receiving the deeds to their houses.

“We are excited about what is to come and hope we will receive good news today,” said resident Erika van Loggerenberg.

“We are so proud of Oom Jakkie and hope it is our turn for homes,” said Koekie du Toit.

The Mayor also spoke to the people about their future as homeowners.

“Maintenance of these properties now goes from the municipality’s hands into the hands of the new owners.” The Mayor added, “It does not mean that if you didn’t get your house today, we have forgotten about you. Unfortunately procedures take some time, but everyone will get their homes.”

There were tears of joy and relief as residents signed their ownership documents and headed back to their own homes.


by J. Mare

I visited ‘Blikkiesdorp’ in Krugersdorp yesterday.

Krugerdorp is situated to the west of Johannesburg and it is now called Mogale city.

‘Blikkiesdorp’ is the unofficial name for the suburbs Appelpark and Burgershoop and should not be confused with the other Blikkiesdorp in Cape Town’s township of Delft.

According to one resident, most of the residents are Afrikaners. About 90% of these people are unemployed . The majority of them are surviving on a meager state pension.

Those who have children (or look after children) do so, with the ‘help’ of an additional child support grant. Many are also surviving on a pension for the medically unfit.

This, is what is keeping these people alive.

Afrikaner poverty caused by ANC policies

Why this growing misery?

The ANC has very successfully barred whites from the job market with their racist job reservation legislation – based on the American concept of Affirmative Action.

The reality of the abject poverty these people are subjected to, is clear where-ever you turn your gaze. Dilapidation is the order of the day and many Afrikaners receive food aid from feeding schemes set up by donors.

Afrikaners waiting for RDP houses - Photo: Sowetan live

Afrikaners waiting for RDP houses - Photo: Sowetan live

They do not receive any other help from the government and cannot look forward to any change in policy – because of the colour of their skin.

The houses they live in belong to the municipality and some of the residents have been paying rent to the council for thirty-two years. The Mogale city council is now in the process of transferring the burden (of the upkeep and maintenance of the houses) to the lessee’s – by transferring ownership of the property into their names.

Residents will now be left with the impossible task of trying  stop the dilapidation of the houses given to them, with the little money they get from the state – which obviously isn’t even enough for the basics of life.

The degeneration resembles a picture of suburban decay, unpainted roofs, and (according to the above quote) one house has even burnt down. Just like in Pretoria and other cities and towns – backyard shacks have been erected in order to accommodate the growing number of destitute

The council sincerity is in question

Has the  municipal council failed in their obligation to uphold and maintain the houses they have been renting to the residents of ‘Blikkiesdorp’?

Are they transferring ownership to these unsuspecting victims because they want to get rid of the problem?

Other  questions:

How long will it take before these Afrikaners will be forced to abandon these structures once it has become too unsafe for human occupation – or before the very same ANC council forces them from their property because:

  • they either cannot pay their rates and taxes or,
  • they have to demolish the houses due to council regulations for safety?

It seems as though the ANC has planned this so-called generosity very carefully, to milk it for all the PR they can get from it. It looks like they’re planning  to try and get rid of these ‘problem houses’ and to sidestep responsibility at the same time for their ‘inaction’ to maintain the safety of the property they’ve been renting to people.

Be it as it may – the  transfer of ownership of the houses will go ahead and nobody seem to want to question the motives of the council or the reason for their supposed generosity.

The injustice, continues….

Following up

I will be following up on this story in the coming weeks and hope to be able to answer these questions as well as other pressing issues related to the housing crisis that Afrikaners face.

I will also bring you feedback from the politicians who are allowing this to happen.

We will also be meeting the people of Blikkiesdorp. I’ll  publish interviews with them (their story, in their own words).
Watch this space.


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4 Responses

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  1. Blikkiesdorp is not place to stay a normal human being at all.blikkiesdorp is a somali where u will here the gun shot every day every nite.blikkiesdorp is the place for hide everything.

    I was stay more than 5 years in blikkiesdorp,is better to stay under the bridge insted of staying in blikkiesdorp.

    The govmnt of the western cape is the people they know how to ly to the comunite.the premier u wil c her in other proviince.jumping & dancing tel the people only lays about western cape.

    The only thing they know is to fight the ANC gvnmnt al the time.they waisting the money to challenge the NPA desition of droping the President Charges.

    I think they must stop that & focus to their Province.there is the BRT bus in cape town,u will find those bus only to the white area only.u will never find those buses in our areas like langa,khayelitsha,gugulethu & other places as well.

    Cape town is very very rasicm like before.

    Mr Thembinkosi Goli
    Delft Cape town

    • Dear Thembi
      Thank you for your comment.

      I’ve read and understand your situation and frustration completely, but here’s a thought – why don’t you take this matter up with the counselors and premier of the province you came from. Surely the Eastern Cape’s Xhosa government is effectively addressing these issues and your problem should be solved soon. Alternatively you may get some help if you knock at the most door in Qunu. Good luck with that


      August 30, 2012 at 4:42 pm

  2. […] ‘Blikkiesdorp’- A portrait of misery and hope: Introduction SA: Violent service delivery protests on eve of Human Rights day Business Day: Affirmative Action not to blame for white poverty Afrikaner poverty caused by the ANC Afrikaner Poverty: Photos Afrikaner Poverty: How YOU can make a DIFFERENCE !!! […]

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