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The Afrikaner Journal, News Digest – 12 November, 2012

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The Afrikaner Journal, News Digest – 12 Novemeber 2012
By Jacques Mare

Pretoria – South Africa


Afrikaans paper ordered to apologise to Dr Dan Roodt, activist for the Afrikaans language.

The Afrikaans newspaper, SONDAG published an apology to Dr. Dan Roodt of the Pro Afrikaans Action Group (Praag) on Sunday November 11, 2012. The press ombudsman of South Africa instructed the paper to publish a full front page apology to Roodt. The complaint was based on suggestions published by the paper in their March 4, 2012 edition (page 9) that Roodt is connected to a ‘pornographic web page’ and that he is ‘urging the ‘volk’ (nation) to screw more, to ensure its survival’. The ombudsman found in favour of Roodt and ordered the paper to apologize.

The paper complied with the instruction by the ombudsman and published the apology.

It is not the first time that this rag publishes stories aimed at defaming Afrikaner activists to discredit them, their work and to make  a mockery the idea of self-determination for the Boere-Afrikaner nation. It has done much harm to reputations of many activists in the past. Its modus operandi is to exaggerate, inflame, lie  and cause divisions between and among Afrikaners, their organizations and the goals of these organizations, which is to foster unity and bring about positive change in our communities.

The SONDAG has however also acted inadvertently as an unofficial reporter of our story, because, while the stories they report are distorted and for humiliating those who strive for freedom from ANC oppression, it is still doing it – where the rest of the South African press doesn’t give our cause any coverage – not even the bad stories.

In this way SONDAG has acted as a gateway for those among us interested in the story of our struggle, to search the internet for the truth.

We extend our gratitude to SONDAG for spending so much time, money and energy on securing space in their paper for our cause – keep up the ‘bad’ work.
SOURCE: Twitter pic

GHA prize giving ceremony for Afrikaans poetry

André Alkema reported on the prize giving ceremony of the Genootskap vir die Handhawing van Afrikaans GHA (The Fellowship for the Advancement of the Afrikaans language) held Saturday, November 10, 2012 in Pretoria, South Africa,

He says the glitzy event was attended well. The GHA awarded prizes in the following  categories: open, student, high- and primary school.

The names of the winning poets and their works are available here:

A choice collection from this years entries have been published in the anthology:  “Stemme uit die Suiderland 7, available from the GHA head office in Pretoria,  Tel +27123353321 or

On its website the GHA reminds us that next year (2013), will be the 175th anniversary of the Great Trek. An  event that led to the eventual establishment of the old Boere-Afrikaner Republics and the first time that Boere-Afrikaners had founded a state of their own and control over their own affairs.

The GHA says that they’re in the planning stages of issuing a diary with the Great Trek as theme. People who wish to give a message to print in the proposed diary, can do so, but it will cost a small fee of R100 -00. The idea is that those contributing, will leave a legacy in print that our children can read 25 years from now, at the 200th anniversary of the same event.

Foreign friends and supporters of Boere-Afrikaners may want to acquire such a special diary, to remind us all of this very difficult time in our history.

De Doorns farm attacks

Censorbugbear-reports published this detailed report about hordes of communist agitators attacking farmers, farm workers and destroying vineyards in the Hex River valley of the Western Cape province in South Africa this week. The protesters demand better wages than what is paid to them now.

The area is known for its grapes and its beautiful farms and scenery.

It seems like Tony Ehrenreich of Cosatu, and Marius Fransman of the ANC is active in a campaign to incite a violent revolt against farmers in that area and eventually all of South Africa. They have started with an intimidation campaign to use the help of the ‘mostly unwilling’ farm workers to join the destruction and  to destabilize the area in typical Marxist-communist ‘revolutionary’ fashion.

Some members of the public have called for action against Cosatu and the ANC for their seditious actions, which is a crime and punishable by South African law.

The farmers, now at the receiving end of this primitive tactics by the African Nationalists regime of the ANC, are complying with minimum wages as dictated by the Labour department and as set out in various labour legislation.

Here is a summary of  what happened in the Hex River valley last week:

Afrikaner farm families flee from Hex River Valley to escape arsonist mobs in De Doorns – Adriana Stuijt

Nov 10 2012 – On Saturday, Cosatu trade union called on farm-workers countrywide to strike illegally in support of the arson-attacks and terrorism against white-owned farms by 8,000 violent black protestors in De Doorns, Hex River valley. 

In preparation for worse to come, De Doorns farm-families meanwhile are abandoning the area. Die Burger journalist Alani Janeke said ‘serious tensions arose in the Hex River valley. Farmers have been leaving their farms since Friday-night 9 November. The crisis has reached such proportions that popular Afrikaner singer/actor Steve Hofmeyr was asked to ‘pray for De Doorns: they are burning down our valley just for a few Rand, the barbarians. My mom and her friends had to flee from their homes.’

DE DOORNS COSATU CALLS ON FARMWORKERS NATIONWIDE TO STRIKE NOV102012Above: These events form an integral part of the months-long attacks against the country’s income-producing enterprises such as its mining-infrastructures.   Early lastMonday, the ruling communist-alliance of South Africa launched arson attacks against privately-owned farms the West Cape  – in their ongoing ‘ second stage ’ of their revolution.

The flourishing Hex River valley grape farms and (and over the past five months also the  KurumanNorth Cape region) were attacked. Cape Talk radio quoted a Cosatu trade unionist on Saturday (above) as calling for farm-workers across the country to also strike in support of the De Doorns workers.

500 illegal strikers dismissed by WestCape farmer near Paarl:

Also on Thursday, a farmer between Paarl and Malmesbury fired 500 workers legally after the Dept of Labour intervened in their illegal strike (which unlike De Doorns, remained peaceful). report 

This week, just before dawn on Monday morning, an 8,000-strong black-male mob – reportedly mostly Xhosas and Sothos – were dispatched to the farms in De Doorns with buses from nearby townships, even from Worcester and Ceres. They brought their tyres, whips and matches with them.

This ‘rolling mob’ reportedly pulled Afrikaans-coloured farm workers from their cottages, intimidated them into ‘striking’, and set fire to vineyards and cottages of ‘uncooperative’ farm workers. By Friday, the ANC-councillor who the farm-workers said had incited the violence, had fled with his family from De Doorns, leaving a destroyed farming-village behind him.

On Saturday, the Hex River Table Grapes Association distributed 10,000 loaves of bread to help feed farm-workers’ families who couldn’t buy any food because the shops were looted. Several hours later, Cosatu issued its call to create a nationwide ‘strike’ against all the white-owned farms.

The rest of the report is available here:
Cosatu wants all farms attacked nationwide « Space van Adriana

Solidarity’s  Helping Hand,  School bag project announced


Show your passion for the bag with Helping Hand

The Solidarity Helping Hand charity has announced an ambitious project called the Skooltassie projek (Schoolbag Project). The project aims to give 5000 poverty-stricken Afrikaner first-graders, a schoolbag filled with the necessary utensils for learning. These young ones do not know why they find themselves in these circumstances, but we can help them, by supplying the tools for learning that will lay the foundation toward a better life.

This is how Helping Hand describe the project:

“Helping Hand aims to send 5 000 grade-ones to school in January with a big smile. Through the Schoolbag Project we are putting a bag full of the necessary stationery in a grade-one’s hand and so give him hope and possibilities. However, the Schoolbag Project does not only address a one-dimensional need. It is much more than tools for school.

It is a symbol of hope.

Achieving this gigantic R1 million goal, is a huge task that cannot be completed without our supporters. Show YOUR passion for the bag together with Helping Hand.

Watch a nice video about Helping Hand’s passion for the bag!

Show your passion for the schoolbag video

A schoolbag costs R200, but any amount is welcome. To contribute, text the word “tassie” to 34388 (an SMS costs R2) and we will contact you to find out how much you want to give.

International donors can give any contribution of their choice by depositing funds into this account:

Account Name:        Helpende Hand Northern Gauteng
Bank:                         FNB (First National Bank)
Branch Code:                   250 655 – Centurion
Account Number:    62 3509 18383

Swift Code:               FIRN ZA JJ

Reference:                School Bag NG

Mariaan Kriel informed me that of the 5000 first graders that will receive this awesome gift, 700 are from the Pretoria area, alone.

Please help us to change lives, in the absence of help from government.

Helping Hand School Bag Project

Helping Hand School Bag Project

Farm Murder Protest planned for The Hague, Netherlands

Flemish and Dutch nationalists are planning a peaceful march to protest the scourge of farm-murders in South Africa. The group Vrije Nationalisten (Free Nationals) are in discussion with the Dutch police to secure permission for the march that will happen on December 1, 2012 in The Hague.

Support from various groups and political parties and even leaders in the Flemish national assembly are streaming in for the planned event. We wish our friends the best of luck and convey our sincere gratitude for their selfless act of solidarity with our cause.

We are asking those participating to please refrain from brandishing Swastikas, the old South African flag (The Apartheid flag) – or other hate symbols.

The Boere-Afrikaner flags of the ZAR (Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek, the old state flag of the Orange Free State, or the Prinse Vlag (The Prinse Flag) are the only acceptable national symbols of the Boere-Afrikaner that we wish to be associated with.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation in this regard.

For more information, or to get directions or other instructions follow this link:

or phone the number in the photo for the event.

Contact person:
Ruben Solidarista

Nederlandse Protesaksie - 01122012

Nederlandse Protesaksie – 01122012

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  1. […] As far as I could ascertain, the march is going ahead as planned and many of our friends from Flanders and The Netherlands have indicated that they will be there to voice there concern and show their support. The Afrikaner Journal, News Digest – 12 November, 2012 […]

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