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The Afrikaner Journal, News Digest – 13 January, 2013

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The Afrikaner Journal, News Digest – 13 January, 2013

Compiled by: Jacques Maré

The Afrikaner Journal

The Afrikaner Journal

Highlights of stories focusing on the plight of Boere-Afrikaners in South Africa.

This week:

  • Cosatu’s communist insurgents continues “striking”.
  • ANC body, threatens action against Afrikaans university.
  • Vicious ANC sponsored murders of Afrikaner-elderly, continues unabated.
  • Four Afrikaner men charged with conspiracy to set off explosives at the ANC’s Manguang conference, denied bail.
  • Hate Speech demonizing Afrikaners, increase.
  • Letter to Amnesty International
  • Jacob Zuma threatens “unfair” expropriation and warns that inequality is bad for reconciliation.
  • Destitute at the receiving end of ANC discrimination – NO food aid if you’re not an ANC member!
  • Afrikaners defending themselves against murderous attacks, arrested for assault
  • Twist in Boeremag trial – case postponed to 24 January 2013

Cosatu’s communist insurgents continues “striking”.

The year started ominously and violently in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Communist insurgents, belonging to the African Nationalist governments labour alliance, COSATU, continued destabilizing the province. This comes in the wake of promises by the union that they will make this province “ungovernable”.

The Western Cape province is the only province, not run by the African Nationalist government. The Democratic Alliance (DA) governs this province and it has been a thorn in the side for the ANC ever since the DA took power, several years ago. Embarrassingly, the DA is making a huge success of delivering services, in contrast to the ANC who is home to at least two failed provinces under its administration, that of the Limpopo province and the other, the Eastern Cape – where service to the public has all but disintegrated.

Communist insurgents battle police in South Africa’s, Western Cape Province – Photo: IOL

Union secretary general Tony Ehrenreich and Western Cape ANC party leader, Marius Fransman has taken it upon themselves to amass hordes of “fake” farm workers to protest a wage dispute, and at the same time, high-jack the real concerns of farm workers for their own political agenda. It is clearly a blatant attempt at disrupting a fully functional province in the way the ANC is handling the issue.

Wage negotiation in South Africa is based on the principle of supply and demand – just like in other countries. Agreements between employer and employee is furthermore governed by legislation – promulgated and enforced by the state through its Labour department. The department is tasked with setting minimum wages for the different industries. They do this through consultation,  by convening meetings between stakeholders to ascertain the needs of both employers and employees – before publishing minimum wages that employers must follow.

Cosatu’s plan to destabilize the Western Cape province through violence and intimidation continues. Fake farm workers are protesting minimum wages set by the ANC government by destroying and damaging private property belonging to Afrikaner Farmers. – PHOTO: Times Live

It is crystal clear from the above that COSATU’s actions in the Western Cape, amounts to much more than striking for wages. It is also very disturbing that the government is allowing the situation to continue and the violence to spread when it is IN THEIR POWER TO STOP THE ANARCHY AND CALL A HALT TO THE DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY AND THE AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY OF THAT PROVINCE – which leads us in turn to the only reasonable conclusion for the governments ambivalence – that it is in fact, part of the ANC government’s plan to violently disown Afrikaner farmers, by means of communist anarchy and thuggery.

The ANC government has issued a call (in the meantime) to suspend the strike, but it has allowed its lackeys to run amok on a very long leash, to do serious damage to the industry and the local economy.

Farm workers may now be faced with a very unsure future and many may lose their jobs. The ANC hasn’t called any of the perpetrators to book about the violence, intimidation and damage to property and we don’t expect that it will ever happen.

In related news, the Cape secessionist party (Cape Independence) has called upon the citizens of the Western Cape Province, to rally together behind the idea of independence, reject the failed administration of the ANC and secede from the republic to form their own independent nation. It is a call that seem to have found a lot of willing ears on social networks such as facebook and Twitter.

These are the links to the stories describing the clashes between police and insurgents,most of whom hails  from the failed neighboring province of the Eastern Cape.

Also notice how the South African media plays along with the notion that these anarchist are  “farm workers” when they are actually Xhosa “seasonal invaders” following orders of their ANC masters.

ANC body, threatens action against Afrikaans university.

The Afrikaner Journal copied an article published by Times Live, describing the bizarre attack on the newly established Afrikaans language University, Akademia by the Higher Education Transformation Network.

According to the Network the university “potentially discriminates against students who wish to study in other languages and is therefore “unconstitutional”.

The Solidarity Movement’s Dirk Hermann said in response:

“Even though Akademia teaches in Afrikaans, it does not mean that only Afrikaans students are allowed to attend.”

The Solidarity Movement and many other pro Boere-Afrikaner organizations, view this as a direct assault against the Boere-Afrikaner nation, their language, their culture and their people.

It is inconceivable that an association related to government, should be so concerned about NOT allowing a minority to exercise their constitutional rights, that they would actively seek to stop these rights, because it “MAY POTENTIALLY HARM THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF THE BLACK MAJORITY” – however bizarre that may be.

Akademia, the newly established Afrikaans distance university,came under attack for its language policy by the Higher Education Transformation Network. According to the network teaching exclusively in Afrikaans is unconstitutional, because it excludes the majority. Minority rights in South Africa is currently non-existent, – Photo: Times Live

You can read that story here:

or here:

Vicious ANC sponsored murders of Afrikaner-elderly, continues unabated.

Koffie en Elma van Heerden - Freezer murder - Genocide of the white minority in SA did you know, 09012013

Four Afrikaner men charged with conspiracy to set off explosives at the ANC’s Manguang conference, denied bail.

Lani Fouché reports for OFM:

Bloemfontein – Closing arguments and verdict of the bail application of the four alleged right-wingers, accused of plotting to kill top ANC officials during the Mangaung Conference in December last year, has been postponed in the Bloemfontein Regional court.

The state alleges that they planned “The Battle of Mangaung” which involved eliminating the country’s top leadership. The men have denied the claims as well as alleged meetings that took place during which the plot was conceived.

The investigating officer claims to have a strong case against the four.

OFM’s Lani Fouché reports that the families of the accused are frustrated at the postponement and that it was once again an emotional day in court.

Hate Speech demonizing Afrikaners, increase.

ANC councillor wishes genocide upon Afrikaners - Source, Censorbugbear Recato Eberwein - Kill the Boer - Source, Censorbugbear - 09012013 ANC councilor calls for genocide – Censorbugbear Reports Witzenberg Traffic Chief wants to pick up AK47 Witzenberg traffic chief “wants to’pick up AK47

Letter to Amnesty International 

Censorbugbear posted this letter to the international human rights watch group, Amnesty International, written by Adriaan Parker.

The letter is a very well written argument explaining the reasons why Afrikaners feel that they are at the receiving end of genocidal policies.

This is not the first letter of its kind sent to Amnesty International and will in all likelihood, not be the last. Most responses from the organization have been dismissive, thus far.

AI basically denies that the ANC is acting with deliberate intent to destroy Afrikaners and refuse to link evidence presented to them, as possible proof of such events taking place.

Judge for yourself:

Jacob Zuma threatens “unfair”expropriation and warns that inequality is bad for reconciliation.

The ANC president made a lot of controversial statements last week.

At the ANC policy conference he proposed that the “willing buyer, willing seller” approach be dropped as it was too costly and slow, according to the Independent Online.

It  (the ANC) also agreed that expropriation of land with “just and equitable” compensation was the preferred alternative.

The ruling party would “not have to” change the constitution, as it makes provision for “expropriation with compensation in the public interest”, according to IOL.

The nature of the compensation offered, will show whether the government is expropriating fairly. If the compensation is not based on current market value, it will be unfair and cause for legal challenge. Unfortunately the regime will be the judge of what is fair, and we can expect expropriations of property for ‘way below’ the real value as a unilateral decision by the Africanist regime, with no recourse or possibility for appeal except maybe, via the courts.

I foresee that Afrikaner-farmers will face  many exhaustive legal battles for many years to come.  Battles that will ultimately result in the loss of their ancestral land and in many cases – their only means survival.

Should the constitutional court however find in favour of farmers – it will signal the end of  the honeymoon period (of equality for all in the New South Africa), as the ANC will be “forced” to adopt many “qualifying amendments”, to give effect to their land policy.

This will eventually change the constitution from “free”  to  “totalitarian” – making way for a communist  ANC dictatorship.

In addition the head of the ANC said that “inequality is bad for reconciliation”, a statement that seems agreeable to most people who agrees that the gap between rich and poor are indeed a huge problem in South Africa.

The problem with this statement lies in the way the ANC has attempted to narrow the divide over the years. These attempts not only failed, but in retrospect, clearly amounts to acts of genocide against the vulnerable minority Afrikaner population.

They have literally done everything in their power to marginalize Afrikaners (and whites in general) by:

  • barring them from the certain jobs,
  • restricted access to the labour market,
  • trying to restrict access to services like charity,
  • complained about Afrikaner attempts to start a Afrikaans university,
  • barring Afrikaans students from certain study areas at state universities,
  • complained about Afrikaans as a medium of education in schools,
  •  refusing to investigate incidents of hate speech against its own members,
  • making themselves guilty of hate speech,
  •  refusing to investigate charges of genocide against Afrikaner-farmers,
  • initiating expropriating policies to  turn Afrikaners into internal refugees,
  • denying Afrikaners the status as a minority group,
  • refusing to declare farm murders a priority crime
  • and a host of other, overt measures pointing to African Nationalism as a racist genocidal instrument.

It is in the light of the above that Zuma’s statement of,  “inequality is bad for reconciliation”, should be read. It is not as benign as one would have hoped.

This statement is a threat – a declaration of intent to intensify the murderous policies of dehumanization of Afrikaners that will lead to their ultimate demise.

Destitute, at the receiving end of ANC discrimination – NO food aid if your not an ANC member!

Food Aid for ANC members only - 07012013 - censorbugbear Only ANC-members among the hundreds of homeless storm-victims in Amelia Sasolburg get food-aid

Afrikaners defending themselves against murderous attacks, arrested for assault.

Intimidation has taken on a new form in South Africa.

The south African police are locking up both the victims,  as well as perpetrators of violent crimes together. The practice has been going on for a while and it is suggested that it may have come about, because most perpetrators of crime realize that they can influence the outcome of the judicial process, if they lay counter-charges against their victims, and –  also because the SAPS  must give effect to the constitutional rights of detainees as well, by complying with their wish to lay counter charges,  should they wish to do so.

This action then forces the police officers to act against both parties, sometimes locking both up together in the same cell, where the victims trauma is extended for days and months, afterward.

These innocent citizens then have to endure physical abuse at the hands of their aggressors, while the guards sometimes, may turn a blind eye.

In desperation, and as a way to escape physical harm, victims would then drop the criminal charges against the perpetrators hoping that it will secure their release.

In some cases this blackmail,  accompanied by a fat bribe will do the trick.

It is unacceptable that the legal system in South Africa will allow a victim to be victimized twice – first, by the perpetrator,  and a second time by the legal apparatus and the perpetrator, together.

Victims of violent crimes now know that “defending yourself”,  has become a sure way of ending up being treated like a criminal and landing up with a conviction, yourself.

Take the following incidents as disgraceful examples of this travesty of justice taking place:

In the first story, Gert Seegers (75) en Willie van Zyl (56) managed to apprehend a burglar, who then alleged that the two elderly Afrikaner men, “assaulted” him.

Needless to say, the police then arrested the two men as well, on a charge of assault.

They were given bail of R500 each, but must still appear in court to face charges of assault.

A perpetrator – who knows very well that the unlawfulness of his actions may result in harm to himself – takes revenge on his victims by laying a bogus assault charge, to get back at his victims and defeat the ends of justice in the process….

Let me spell it out for you….. a 75-year-old man, defending his home from a violent 25-year-old invader… charged with assault …??????

Has defending yourself become illegal in South Africa????

In the second story an Afrikaner woman Chrystal Grobler, who owns a gas station in Johannesburg, was attacked by a black man when she inquired about his strange behaviour.

Apparently, he was copying information on products stocked inside the shop – without Groblers consent.

In the argument that followed, Grobler sustained a broken nose when the aggressor kicked her in the face.

Again, the police arrested both parties on charges of assault.

Both will have to appear in court.

Even if you take race out of the picture,  a man….. kicked a woman… in the face and broke her nose ….. and SHE IS ARRESTED FOR ASSAULT ????

Now put race and cultural identity BACK into the equation, and  ask yourself whether the South African Police would have acted the same if the actors in the stories above, had been of the same race or cultural identity…….

We will leave you to decide what is universally accepted norms, values and practices and, whether the above amounts to gross violation of minority rights in South Africa, instead.

Chrystal Grobler, viciously attacked by black aggressor in a confrontation outside her business. Police arrested her too for assault – Photo Source: Media24

Twist in Boeremag trial – case postponed to 24 January 2013

Pretoria – Boeremag members found guilty of high treason could apply for their convictions to be overturned, the High Court in Pretoria heard on Monday.

They claimed new evidence of a police conspiracy against them had surfaced. Judge Eben Jordaan postponed the action by 20 Boeremag members to January 24 to give them time to seek the advice of a senior advocate.

Paul Kruger, who represents some of the accused, said a former policeman, Captain Deon Loots, had made statements about the alleged conspiracy which were published in a Sunday newspaper in October last year.

The Rapport published two articles which quoted Loots claiming police spies had planted evidence and enticed Boeremag members to commit crimes. He said crime intelligence eavesdropped on conversations between the accused and their lawyers while they were in custody.

Initial indications were that they might bring an application in terms of Section 38 of the Constitution, which deals with the right to approach a court concerning the violation of fundamental rights. He said he was only allowed to consult with Loots in the middle of December because he had to work through Loots’ lawyer, who initially did not want to let him talk to Loots. “I could not put a gun against the man’s head. I was in his hands,” he said.

Senior prosecutor Paul Fick objected to the trial being postponed. “The court has already made a finding and cannot review itself. The application will have to be made before another court.”

Defence advocate Bernard Bantjes said if there was substantial evidence, the men’s conviction would have to be set aside by another court. Jordaan started giving judgment in the nine-year trial in July last year. He convicted the last of the 20 accused – master bomb maker Kobus Pretorius – in August last year.

All 20 were convicted of high treason resulting from a far-right wing plot to overthrow the African National Congress-led government. The Boeremag’s bomb squad – Kobus Pretorius, his brothers Johan and Wilhelm, and Herman van Rooyen and Rudi Gouws Ä were also found guilty of attempting to murder former president Nelson Mandela.

In addition, they were convicted of murdering Claudia Mokone, who was killed when a piece of steel dislodged by a Boeremag bomb planted on a railway line was flung into her shack in Soweto in October 2002.

During his judgment, Jordaan rejected claims the State had taken part in planning a coup. Although the accused claimed they were involved in a legitimate war against a “racist regime”, Jordaan said they could not have believed that civilian structures, such as a mosque, were legitimate targets. – Sapa

If you are interested to read more about the story of the Boeremag trialists,  you can get access to more information here:

Better still – why not befriend them on facebook, and learn why these young men (incarcerated for ten years and now waiting to be sentenced  for high treason against the African Nationalist state) – would commit actions (similar to the ones Nelson Mandela had been convicted for) – in the name of freedom?

Let it be known that where there is injustice – there will be resistance

Wilhelm en Johan Pretorius - Boeremag trialists - 13012013

Wilhelm en Johan Pretorius – Boeremag trialists – 13012013

Pro-Boere Afrikaner news stories, related to the above, can be accessed at the following websites in Afrikaans:

For additional news sources in English:


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