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We are fighting the RIGHT WAR with the WRONG PEOPLE at the RIGHT TIME

15 November 2010

Inciting Racial Hatred  – Andile Mnxgama


14 NOVEMBER 2010

Blacks can’t be racist

Blacks can't be racist - Poster

Excerpt of an article published by the Praag Website.

Andile Mngxitama

The following is an excerpt  of a transcribed version, of a talk given by Andile Mngxitama at Wits University on an essay he wrote, titled “Blacks can’t be Racist”. He gave the talk to a full house in August 2010.

Now today I want to talk about “Black s can’t be Racist”. I’m told by some people who were giving out pamphlets for this talk that some brothers and sisters said, “No, you can’t say we’re not racist, I am racist, I hate white people”. (Laughter) And I was thinking how do you get around that point because that is the most natural response that Black people should have against white racism? We should hate people that oppress us. We should hate a system that oppresses us. But you see, we’ve been messed up so much that we can’t even say it. But hatred is not going to take you very far, you see? So I was thinking that to deal with this problem……..”

The complete essay is available here.

Following the argument of Mr. Mngxitama is like reading Nazi propaganda on the “final solution”.

Statements that are a cause for concern:

  • “We should hate people that oppress us”
  • “If you don’t limit this definition, (of RACISM) then racism becomes everything and everyone can be a victim of racism.
  • The destruction of our Africanness was led by two processes: The one is their education, their white education and secondly their white God
  • If you don’t ….(defend the discourse that blacks can’t be racist)… then you are not giving yourself a chance to make claims to this society about the reparations that are due to us as Black people.
  • I DO think that Black people “have desires” to kill white people
  • White people are visitors, investors, tourists and so on.
  • Lamenting the fact that “…even if we wanted to [kill white people] we don’t have the power…”
  • The …”desire” to kill…. “has no material benefits”. Suggesting that ACTION is required.
  • What are we so scared of? What stops us from changing our country?
  • “…..we must make a decision about whether we want to continue in this slavery path or we want to take our country back and maybe suffer some consequences but be like Zimbabwe…”
Mr. Mngxitama is is the publisher of New Frank Talk of which Black s can’t be Racist, is one of many volumes. To order copies of New Frank Talk send an email to:

‘White Boers punished too lightly for crimes’ – depy-police minister Maggie Sotyu -

Source: Censorbugbear reports



2010-11-09 The brand-new deputy Police minister Ms Maggie Sotyu introduced herself to the news media with an ‘anti-Boer’ racist rant in which she demanded that ‘whites and boers should be punished more severely for crimes’. She also made other unfounded racist allegations after the Centre for Studies of Violence and Reconciliation introduced their R3,5million research report entitled Why South Africa is so violent and what we should be doing about it? commissioned three years ago by a previous minister of safety and security. – I

In response to her comments, Freedom Front Plus leader Dr. Pieter Mulder, who also is the deputy-agriculture minister in the same Cabinet, said Sotyuo  was stoking “racial tension”. Mulder said: “She has to especially be cautious not to become part of the generalizations against farmers and target them. As new deputy minister she will still have a lot to do with farm murders and the cruelty of farm murders, which take place easier in such a polarized climate. Judge Hlope’s judgment in the Marthinus Esterhuizen case in Beaufort West, where he in an emotional manner referred to the accused that “he has no soul … and has to go and rot in jail” could easily be generalized to the other side in the same manner. The same goes for the decision of the magistrate in Ventersdorp to grant bail to the accused in the Eugene Terre’Blanche murder case, while all the facts, such as that he is a Zimbabwean with definite possibilities to flee, had been ignored.To incite people racially in South Africa is no art. Of leaders such as in Ms. Sotyu’s position, it is expected that they would put their case in a responsible manner.



Malema hate saga continues, ANC off the hook

2010-11-01 22:39The “shoot the boer” hate speech case against Malema has been transferred to the South Gauteng High Court, but AfriForum has withdrawn its case against the ANC.

Station’s Hindu ‘hate speech’ slammed

2010-10-26 16:09An East Coast Radio programme that made fun of Hindu deities and said it was no use killing Hindus because they “keep coming back”, constituted hate speech, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission has found.

Malema accused of lying

2010-10-24 11:55A spokesperson for the Sonke Gender Justice Network says it is clear that ANCYL leader Julius Malema was lying about the reasons why he hadn’t paid his R50 000 hate speech fine.

Sheriff moves on Malema assets

2010-10-18 22:56The sheriff of Sandton has reportedly made a list of Julius Malema’s assets in his Johannesburg home.

Malema has filed appeal

2010-10-18 10:12ANC Youth League president Julius Malema has begun the process of appealing an Equality Court order against him, contrary to allegations that he has ignored it, says his lawyer.

Group seeks R50 000 from Malema

2010-10-15 12:41The Sonke Gender Justice Network is going ahead with its bid to attach assets worth R50 000 from ANC Youth League president Julius Malema.

Malema case of ‘national interest’

2010-09-09 16:42AfriForum’s hate-speech case against then ANC Youth League president is a “matter of national interest” and should not be settled through mediation, the organisation says.

Sadtu hate speech ‘exaggerated’

2010-06-04 18:16The letters which led to hate speech charges against a SA Democratic Teachers’ Union provincial leader were blown out of proportion, the Durban Equality Court has heard.

Chaos at Sadtu racism hearing

2010-06-03 14:30There has been chaos at the Durban Equality Court after Sadtu members refused to stop carrying posters in the court corridors in support of the provincial secretary who is facing hate speech charges.

Twist in Malema case

2010-05-20 09:32There has been a new twist in the hate speech case of ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema in the Equality Court.

Farm attacks costing millions

2010-04-20 15:28Crimes against farmers are costing the agricultural industry hundreds of millions of rands and placing food security under threat, a farmer’s union has said.

ANC appeals interdict

2010-04-08 13:04The ANC has launched its appeal against an interdict on singing “shoot the boer”, but says its call to exercise “restraint” in singing the lyrics remains in force.

Malema launches appeal

2010-04-08 09:21ANC Youth League president Julius Malema has lodged an appeal against an Equality Court judgment, which found comments he made constituted hate speech.

Equality Court sets Malema date

2010-04-07 14:14AfriForum Youth says its hate speech complaint against Julius Malema will begin with procedural matters on May 3 in the Equality Court in Johannesburg.

ANC won’t confirm ‘muzzling’ Malema

2010-04-07 09:41The ANC says it can’t confirm a report that ANCYL president Julius Malema has been ordered to stop singing the lyrics “shoot the boer”.

Terre’Blanche: NPA head arrives at court

2010-04-06 12:35National Director of Public Prosecutions Menzi Simelane has arrived at the Ventersdorp Magistrate’s Court ahead of the appearance of two farm workers accused of killing AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche.

AWB claims 3 000 new members

2010-04-06 09:31The AWB claims to have had at least 3 000 applications from new members since its leader Eugene Terre’Blanche was murdered, spokesperson Pieter Steyn says.

Terre’Blanche: Malema denies blame

2010-04-06 07:43ANC Youth League president Julius Malema says he is not responsible for the death of AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche, and has vowed to continue singing “Kill the Boer”.

ANC to challenge Malema ruling

2010-04-02 13:44The ANC says it is disappointed by the ruling against Julius Malema’s singing of “Shoot the boer”, as the judge did not consider the historical context of the song.

Elation at Malema song ban

2010-04-01 22:54AfriForum says it is “elated” about the North Gauteng High Court’s decision to bar Julius Malema from uttering the words “shoot the boer”.

Malema death threat shocks ANC

2010-04-01 14:17The ANC has expressed its shock at an SMS promising a R2m reward to anyone who kills its youth league president Julius Malema.

‘Shoot’ song back in court

2010-03-31 18:37The next in a wave of challenges to the lyrics “shoot the boer” will play out in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria when AfriForum lodges an interdict.

Zuma: SA hasn’t dealt with past

2010-03-30 22:36The controversy around the recent singing of “shoot the boer” is a sign people have not “dealt with” the country’s history, President Jacob Zuma says.

ANC to take FF+ to Equality Court

2010-03-30 13:04The ANC says it will file an application in the Equality Court to complain about the Freedom Front Plus’s “Prosecute Malema” campaign, which it says constitutes hate speech.

Cope: No more ‘shoot the boer’

2010-03-29 20:09The ANC’s argument that the song “dubula ibhunu” (shoot the boer) is part of struggle heritage is “revisionist”, the Congress of the People says.

ID urges ANC to drop appeal

2010-03-28 16:27The Independent Democrats have appealed in an open letter to the ANC to desist from challenging a court finding on the struggle song “Shoot the boer”.

‘Shoot the boer’ song banned

2010-03-26 17:33Singing “shoot the boer” is now illegal, the South Gauteng High Court has ruled after an urgent interdict brought by a businessman.

Malema charged over ‘kill the boer’

2010-03-10 17:05Julius Malema is facing a criminal charge as well as a complaint lodged at the SA Human Rights Commission after he led students in singing “kill the boer”.

‘Kill a boer’ is hate speech

2003-06-06 19:57If ‘kill the farmer, kill the boer’ is not hate speech, what is, the Freedom Front wants to know.

Malema’s ‘cockcroach’ has horror history

2010-10-31 22:33AfriForum says the term “cockroach” which Julius Malema used to refer to Helen Zille, was used by Hutus during the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

ANC ‘shoot the boer’ hypocrisy slammed

2010-10-25 17:04It’s ironic that the ANC wants to restrict the media while it uses freedom of speech to justify its “dangerous hate-inciting speech”, says the Freedom Front Plus.

Malema’s lawyers seek condonation order

2010-10-22 15:35ANC Youth League president Julius Malema’s attorneys have applied for a condonation order after he failed to pay a R50 000 fine.

Muslims: Dutch MP a danger

2010-10-18 15:20Muslims have told judges trying anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders for hate speech that he is dangerous, dividing a multicultural society that once lived together peacefully.

Malema gets reprieve on R50 000 fine

2010-10-15 22:25ANC Youth League president Julius Malema now has until next week to pay the R50 000 fine ordered by the Equality Court, says the Sonke Gender Justice Network.

Malema ignores judgment

2010-10-14 19:04ANC Youth League president Julius Malema has failed to lodge an appeal against an Equality Court ruling against him and has not paid the court-ordered R50 000 fine.

ANCYL leader forced to apologise

2010-06-08 21:42A top ANCYL official has admitted statements he made about UFS Professor Jonathan Jansen could have been interpreted as hate speech.

Tears during hate speech case

2010-06-03 22:13Amanda Burdett of Durban has cried in court explaining the “hate speech” statements made about her allegedly by Sadtu provincial secretary Mbuyiseni Mathonsi.

Malema case referred to High Court

2010-05-20 12:12The hate speech complaint against ANC Youth League president Julius Malema has been referred to a High Court by the Equality Court.

Malema hate speech hearing on hold

2010-05-03 09:14ANC Youth League president Julius Malema’s Equality Court hearing over his singing of “shoot the boer” has been rescheduled to May 20.

ANCYL won’t sing ‘shoot the boer’

2010-04-08 13:04ANC Youth League president Julius Malema says they will not use the words ‘Shoot the boer” and will heed the ANC’s call for restraint.

ANC restraint call ‘not enough’

2010-04-08 11:54The ANC’s call for its members not to sing racially inciting songs like “shoot the boer” was not enough, AfriForum Youth says.

ANC calls for restraint

2010-04-07 14:15The ANC has called for restraint from its members in the wake of the murder of AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche, urging them to avoid songs which polarise society.

ANC ‘didn’t discuss Malema’

2010-04-07 11:04ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe has told News24 that Julius Malema was not discussed at a meeting in which he was allegedly ordered to stop singing “shoot the boer”.

Malema: Zille wants meeting with Zuma

2010-04-06 21:04Helen Zille has asked for an urgent meeting with President Jacob Zuma to discuss “the implications of Julius Malema’s hate speech”.

Farmers, workers relations must change

2010-04-06 10:25Ventersdorp residents have called for a change in the employer/employee relations on farms in the North West town following the murder of AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche.

Heavy police presence outside court

2010-04-06 08:59Police vehicles are parked nose to nose outside the Ventersdorp Magistrate’s Court, ahead of what is expected to be an emotion-filled appearance of two charged with murdering Eugene Terre’Blanche.

Malema sings banned song in Zim

2010-04-03 23:18Just days after he was barred by the North Gauteng High Court from singing “shoot the boer” Julius Malema has sung it loud and clear – in Zimbabwe.

‘Whites get away with murder’

2010-04-02 12:23The song “shoot the boere” is a reminder of what still needs to be done in South Africa where “white people still get away with murder”, the Azanian Youth Organisation says.

High Court gags Malema

2010-04-01 19:15Julius Malema has been banned from singing “shoot the boers”, according to an interdict granted by the North Gauteng High Court.

ANC ‘must join Malema case’

2010-04-01 14:10Julius Malema’s attorney says the ANC and ANC Youth League should be involved in a court case brought against him by AfriForum and TAU-SA, as he speaks on behalf of the organisation.

ANC ‘disregarding’ the courts

2010-03-31 14:09The ANC is showing a “dangerous disregard” for the courts in criticising a court ruling on the “shoot the boer” song, the ID says.

Song ban a farce, says ANC

2010-03-30 14:27The ANC says the court bid to ban the song with the words “shoot the Boer” was an “artificial contestation created to arrive at a predetermined outcome”.

‘Kill the farmer’ oppresses black people

2010-03-30 07:55Since we claim to be a free people, are we truly free if we continue to sing songs that talk to us as if we are still oppressed, writes Khaya Dlanga.

On the curious case of ‘shooting the boer’

2010-03-29 14:38Pierre de Vos finds it odd that the high court has ruled the use of the words “dubula ibhunu (shoot the boer)” unconstitutional and unlawful.

ANC going to ConCourt over ‘shoot the boer’

2010-03-26 22:17The ANC says it is shocked by a High Court ruling banning the “shoot the boer” song and says it intends going to the Constitutional Court to challenge the order.

ANC defends ‘kill the boer’ song

2010-03-11 12:24The ANC has defended youth leader Julius Malema for singing, “shoot the boers, they are rapists”, saying the lyrics of the struggle song have been quoted out of context.

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