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Flies cause Sangoma to Disappear

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Flies cause Sangoma to Disappear

17 November 2010


This man is looking for his wife who has mysteriously disappeared. He was forewarned he says, by buzzing flies above his bed, and then ….  she disappeared.

He is now desperately looking for her.

She is a very good SANGOMA (Witch Doctor). Some of her very worried patients/ customers claim, that she is so POWERFUL she can even prevent  COURT CASES from happening with her intervention.

She can  also heal sick babies and …DRIVE AWAY… EVIL SPIRITS.

The husband  is suspecting people who are jealous of her success, to be the cause of her disappearance.

If only she listened to his warning ….when he noticed the OMEN…of the buzzing flies…!!!

Many ANC members believe in the superstitious declarations  of the WITCH DOCTOR and readily accept their advice when consulted about matters concerning  NATIONAL AFFAIRS.


Written by astro4mare

January 1, 2011 at 7:06 pm

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