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Muthi at the Door

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Muthi at the Door


December 8, 2010

Nyamela Nombula of Samora Machel informal settlement in the WESTERN CAPE, found a dead chicken with the horn of a gemsbok (A large African antelope of the Oryx genus)  stuck in it, at her front door.

The she got so scared that she called her nearest SANGOMA (witch doctor) to come and remove the thing and give her advice.

The sangoma “confirmed” that the presence of the bird is a sign that there is an individual out there , who is using MUTHI (traditional medicine) with the hope that it will cause somebody in her family to die.

She says she’s not been feeling well since the discovery, probably an indication that the charm is working.

The sangoma, advised her to get help. He did not mention where she is to find this help, or from whom she should seek it.

The belief in witchcraft and sorcery among the BLACK population in SOUTH AFRICA is a very common. Modernization seems to have had very little effect in changing their attitude towards stone age superstition. One still finds that “educated ” blacks need to take time off from work , to attend  rituals (slaughtering a bull), that will bring good luck or appease the ANCESTORS.

Dreams also play a very important part in this tradition, and are very often taken very literally.

AFRIKANERS are in the very precarious position in that the ANC policy of integration is forcing our children to take instruction at SCHOOL from people of this culture.

Our children are taught the intricacies and value of this culture and to despise their own.

These stories are told to inform the world about this very deliberate attempt by the ANC to destroy our culture by means of forced integration


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January 1, 2011 at 7:05 pm

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