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Sangoma arrested for Animal Cruelty

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Sangoma arrested for Animal Cruelty

16 November 2010


The attached article describes the rescue of a vervet monkey by the South African  SPCA. The journalist describes the incident, as though this is just another story of animal abuse and rescue.

The problem however, is that there is always more to the story, than meets the eye.

For instance, the owner of  the unfortunate monkey, was a SANGOMA.

Sangomas are also known as TRADITIONAL HEALERS in SOUTH AFRICA or, in the rest of the world as WITCH DOCTORS. They practice traditional MEDICINE and give advice to PATIENTS on everything from disease to marital problems. The range of their field is basically everything to do with the human condition.

In order to be successful, a witchdoctor or  sangoma must be able to diagnose his patients accurately (by consulting the forefathers) and on doing so, can then issue instructions for recovery. Most of the time such a “doctor” also dispense medicine in the form of herbs and extracts made from animal parts. This medicine is called “muthi” pronounced “muh-ty”

Witchdoctors are taught, that the potency of their muthi, depends on the many factors. One such a factor involves severe pain or trauma inflicted on the animal ( in some cases humans) from whom the body part(s) are harvested. The more painful or traumatic the experience for the victim, the more potent the medicine.

What the article does not state, is that the injuries tot THIS PARTICULAR ANIMAL,was more than likely, caused by the above actions.

Most of the current ANC regime, adhere to  this traditionalist approach to medicine. The fact that there is legislation regulating traditional leaders, attest to the value the regime place on this primitive tradition.

Many councilors, ministers and influential persons, sometimes base their decision making, on the outcome of a consultation with one of these witchdoctors.

This is the way South Africa is run as a country.

Afrikaners are now forced to integrate with people of this culture.

The value of their SCHOOL EDUCATION is now being compromised  by TEACHERS from this culture.


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January 1, 2011 at 7:08 pm

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