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Afrikaans students barred from South African Universities

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Afrikaans students barred from South African Universities

By: J. Mare
05 December 2011

PRETORIA – South Africa

Charl Oberholzer (Afriforum Youth spokesperson), informed me last week that they are collecting data on race discrimination cases against the white minority Afrikaners, at South African universities.

Afriforum received complaints from 20 Afrikaans student applicants with excellent Senior Certificate achievements, collectively they earned 155 distinctions. These achiever student’s applications for enrollment have been rejected by the university administration of the Pretoria University based on unfounded ‘bad academic results’, according to Oberholzer.

Source:Another seven white learners turned away on account of “poor academic performance”

He says they are monitoring a similar trend at the University of the Free State and the Stellenbosch University.

All of the above institutions are traditional Afrikaans Universities and have been for hundreds of years (University of Stellenbosch est 1880).

This attempt by the ANC to force Afrikaners out of the education system, that Afrikaners built – is nothing other than ‘cultural genocide’.

This thug ANC government refuses to acknowledge cultural and language diversity and in doing so, is an active role-player in the demise of the Afrikaner culture.

Ironically – by Anglicizing the South African population, they are fulfilling and completing the work started by the British colonialists and decimating every indigenous African language as well.

The unique ‘Rainbow-Nation’ is indeed,  doomed to disappear.

Oberholzer says that students and other concerned citizens can join  the struggle for Afrikaans at South African Universities by applying for membership of the organization.

Interested parties can send an email to :
more information is available here:

Set us free - posters and prosest against the ANC's racist 'job reservation' Affirmative Action policies

Set us free - posters and prosest against the ANC's racist 'job reservation' Affirmative Action policies - Photo: Afriforum Youth

Protesting ‘Job-Reservation’

The Afriforum  Youth organization is also protesting the hated ‘job reservation’ policies of the ANC regime, that have caused severe poverty among members of this community. Affirmative action has now caused an estimated 800 000 Afrikaners to live in conditions of extreme misery.

It seems like the ANC is employing a multi-facet approach to annihilate this community and everything it stands for.

They are targeting every means of basic survival. Refusing education will make ‘job-reservation’ so much easier. Job reservation in turn causes poverty and famine, because –  no job means,  no income.

In the meantime they are ‘allowing’ a state of ‘lawlessness’ to exist in certain communities – like the farming communities.

This condition has lead to the demise of thousands of Afrikaner Boer farmers since the end of Apartheid – murdered in the most horrific ways imaginable. Source: Censorbugbear – Reports (Archive)
Slowly but surely,  the ANC is not only dis-possessing Afrikaners of their property, but also of their education, their culture and language and,  increasingly – their lives.

If this is not GENOCIDE – then what is this!

The result of Affirmative Action and 'job Reservation' (Afrikaners living in conditions of severe poverty) - Photo Collage - Sonskynhoekie - 19112011 - Photo: The Afrikaner Journal


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