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The Afrikaner Journal, News Digest – 02 December, 2012

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The Afrikaner Journal, News Digest – 02 December, 2012

Compiled by:
J. Mare

PRETORIA – South Africa, the following stories are the most important stories which directly affected the Afrikaner community this week:

  • Solidarity’s,  ‘Stop Rob’ campaign brilliant success
  • Boere-Afrikaner National Council delivers Liberty Claim to foreign embassies
  • Stop the Boer Genocide protest march held in The Hague, Netherlands
  • Civil rights movement Afriforum’s,  ‘Stop the Murders’ march in Pretoria (protesting the massacre of Afrikaner- farmers of South Africa)  declared a huge success.
  • Afriforum presents report to UN on minority rights issues in  Geneva, 27 /11/2012

Solidarity’s ‘Stop Rob’ campaign crowned with brilliant success.

Solidarity announced the ‘Stop Rob’ campaign earlier this week. This happened as a result of the governments proposed amendments to the B-BBEE, Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment legislation aimed at uplifting the previously marginalized black community of South Africa.

Unfortunately the proposed changes would have resulted in severe discrimination and an effective cessation of most, if not all welfare contributions to the white destitute community. The adverse consequences would have meant that up to 1 000 000 Afrikaner poor would have been left out of the loop and into the cold in reference to welfare.

According to the proposal, big companies intent on doing business with government,would have been forced to choose recipient charities and other NGO’s based on their lack of needy whites  if they expected to continue doing business with the African nationalist government.

In addition, charities would have had to make the heart-renting choice of turning white destitute Afrikaners, desperately in need of those generous contributions away, if they wanted to continue receiving food and other donations from big business.

Solidarity campaign poster - Too white for charity

The government has since announced that it will withdraw the proposals.

Solidarity in a message to its members declared it a huge success. It claims that  it received 11 000 messages condemning the proposed amendments from its members and the public. This means that 1000 people protested electronically, every day through-out the 11 day run of the campaign, to stop the ANC in its racist tracks.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the aim of the legislation was to give effect to government policy to make B-BBEE  all-pervasive and applicable across all spheres of government and public life. The fight against black racism is therefore not over, yet. We should get ready and expect the racist monster to raise its ugly head soon, in some other form and place – it’s intent, crystal clear: total annihilation of the white minority of South Africa, at any cost.

Luckily Solidarity and it affiliates will be there to fight the good fight.

Boere-Afrikaner National Council delivers Liberty Claim to foreign embassies.

The Afrikaner council (Boere-Afrikaner National Council) elected by the people in a nationwide election on September 24, 2011 delivered a freedom manifesto to various embassies in Pretoria on November 30, 2012 as well as the regional office of the United Nations in the CBD.

According to the council, the German and French embassies refused receipt there-of, but the Dutch and United States embassies responded kindly and signed for the document.

This mission forms part of the process the council believes will lead to self-determination. They’ve previously delivered letters informing the South African government of their intent to seek self-rule. The ANC government did not consider it important enough to respond to the councils writ.

The council will now continue with its plan the seek freedom for Afrikaners from ANC oppression as mandated by the electorate in September 2011.

VR dien klag in by VN in Pretoria - 30112012 - Foto~ Jan Beyers

Andries Breytenbach (BANC) looks on as the representitive at the UN regional office in Pretoria, South Africa takes possession of the liberty manifesto – 30 November 2012 – Photo: Jan Beyers

Stop the Boer Genocide protest march held in The Hague, Netherlands.

December 1, 2012 civil rights group Afriforum embarked on a massive protest march in the central CBD of Pretoria, South Africa protesting the vicious murders of Afrikaner-farmers throughout South Africa.

The march started at the Kruger statue, Church Square and proceeded tot the office of the ANC’s Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa. Some protesters, (family members of slaughtered farmers) held placards bearing the faces of their deceased loved-ones. Ernst Roets  organizer of the ‘Stop the Murders’ campaign read the memorandum to the crowd outside the office of the absent minister. The memorandum demanded that government take steps to prioritize farm murders.

Prioritizing  a crime means that government commit to the undertaking to take special steps to counter, prevent and prosecute offenders of the particular priority crime. It also means an increase in manpower and other resources to combat the problem. The South African government has already done so with several crimes such as, ‘Rhino poaching’ and ironically ‘Police Murders’. It is therefore not a foreign concept, or impossible to put in effect seeing that they’re already prioritizing several crimes.

Roets, in his speech informed the commissioner that Afrikaner-farmers are more likely to die a violent and brutal death at the hands of roaming black criminals, than even policemen in the line of duty.

The government’s response thus far, has been to state that it can not prioritize farm murders as a special crime, because that would be like saying ‘certain members of the South African community are more special than others and deserve special treatment…. Afrikaners cannot expect to be treated differently to other ordinary citizens.

Afrikaner-farmers are 6 times more likely to be murdered, than policemen on duty, making it the most dangerous occupation in the world.

The ‘Stop the Murders’-campaign, forms part of a 12 point plan announced by the civil rights organization to fight the scourge.
Stop the Murders | AfriForum
2012 12 03 – Farm murder march – Citizen

Stop the Boer Genocide protest march held in The Hague, Netherlands

In solidarity with the Boere-Afrikaner cause, the Dutch-based Vrije Nationalisten held a protest against the Boer Genocide outside the ICC (International Criminal Court), The Hague, Netherlands a few hours later on December 1, 2012.

Scores of people braved the icy northern winter to take part, some having driven hours to reach the manifestation.

The Afrikaner Journal received many messages of gratitude from the Boere-Afrikaner nation on its facebook page for this selfless act of kindness. We thank the organizers – we will never forget.

Afriforum presents report to UN on minority rights issues in  Geneva, 27 /11/2012

Report to the UN Forum on Minority Issues

Genève, 27-28 November 2012

Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum

Introduction and  Background:

“In stark contrast to the praiseworthy efforts by the Forum on Minority Issues to implement the Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities in UN member countries, the South African government is increasingly stripping its minorities of the limited minority rights they still have.

The motive for doing so is set out in the policy documents of the South African governing party, namely the African National Congress (ANC), as to what it calls ‘the National Democratic Revolution’ (NDR).

In terms of the ANC’s NDR policy documents South African minorities such as Afrikaners and whites in general are not regarded as fellow Africans, but as ‘colonialists of a special type’ (CSTs). By labelling South African minority communities as CSTs, depicting them as the antithesis of the so-called ‘motive forces’ of the continued struggle, the government is portraying the CSTs as opponents, or even enemies of the revolution. In terms of this logic of the ANC, the NDR is in effect engaged in a struggle against the CST. The CSTs are not part of the ANC’s ‘we’, namely Africans, South Africans and ‘motive forces’, but rather the ‘they’ against whom the struggle should be fought.”

The rest of the report can be read here:

or here:

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