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Judging Helen

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Helen Zille (DA, Leader of the official opposition: Democratic Alliance Party of South Africa) doing the African cha-cha with her 'good friend' Jacob Zuma, President of the ANC and South Africa

Helen Zille (DA, Leader of the official opposition: Democratic Alliance Party of South Africa) doing the African cha-cha with her 'good friend' Jacob Zuma, President of the ANC and South Africa - Source: IOL

Pretoria, South Africa,
06 February 2012:

Judging Helen

Helen Zille wrote today in the Cape Times that White and Black victims are in denial.
Miss Zille argues that both races should learn from the late Steve Biko who advocated a change of attitude or perception about their humanity in order to free their minds and truly become South Africans.

She quotes Biko who proposed that whites should be ‘made to realize’ that they are not superior, but human and blacks should be made to realize they’re human not inferior. Biko, she says, wanted people to free their minds …”wage a struggle inside their heads. They had to stop seeing themselves as victor or victim and start believing in their own and other peoples’ value and legitimacy as equal human beings”.

“Only when people have freed their minds will they be able to change their own circumstances…. Human beings (blacks in that context) are not merely passive victims…they can choose to become agents of development and progress in the environment.”

From the above miss Zille decides that many white South Africans (note how she refuses attach an identity to the current victims) see themselves as victims. She says that victimhood gives them a ‘sense of identity’ and ‘entitlement’ – allows them to disengage from the ‘project of nation building’ and justifies the ‘creating of a comfort zone with other victims in which to reinforce a sense of ‘grievance’ through constant complain.

Furthermore, she labels these people as ‘professional whites’ – a term she’s proudly coined to justify her demonization of Afrikaners and Whites in general.

I’d like to respond to Miss Zilles’ tirade with the following: It is clear that she’s noted the recent developments in Europe with scorn and maybe a sense of trepidation. She must’ve seen the response and heard what was being said about the hideous murders of the farmers and the slaughter of urban Afrikaner at the conference held at the European Parliament to discuss these very issues, she (Zille) don’t seem to be able to address on behalf of the very electorate that had entrusted her with their needs.

Helen Zille (Democratic Alliance Leader, The official opposition to the ANC in South Africa, playing for the black masses - Photo:  - Sowetan live, April 4 2011

Helen Zille (Democratic Alliance Leader, The official opposition to the ANC in South Africa, playing for the black masses) - Photo: - Sowetan live, April 4 2011

She implies that Afrikaners (yes, miss Zille, that is who we are – we are Boere Afrikaners) are still deluded by the idea that they are superior to other South Africans – a suggestion that is not only far-fetched, but in the current circumstances, way beyond ridiculous.

She also implies that we shouldn’t see ourselves as victims (as if we need her permission) and even if we do qualify as victims, it is our own responsibility to overcome our own adverse circumstances.

In response to that piece of advice just this: We wouldn’t have needed to plead for help from foreigners if you’d done your job, lady – if you’d taken up the torch on behalf of us, and fought for our rights. Yes, our human rights, miss Zille the very same human rights afforded to all South Africans, but it has become clear that the only rights you are interested in fighting for, are those of those voters that can put you in power, namely the black vote.

We’ve realized, quite some time ago that you fancy yourself the Morgan Changerai of South Africa. You aspire to be more than just the queen of Cape Town. Well miss Zille, thank you for showing us who you really are. For your information the ‘project of nation building’ that you’re referring to is doomed to fail, because we don’t have to built nothing of the sorts – South Africa already consist of many nations.

This fact, you and your fellow ambitious project-builders conveniently overlook in your zeal to combine a fragile ‘majority of money’ that can put you into power. Furthermore we take exception to your sarcastic reference of our victimhood. We are dying – no thanks to you. We are losing our lives, sometimes on a daily basis.

We are losing the right to have our children educated in their own mother-tongue. The government is actively running a racist quota system to prevent our children from attending university. We are getting marginalized and impoverished with every piece of racist legislation promulgated by this Marxist ANC regime. We cannot find employment because we don’t qualify for the same human right (equal access to employment opportunities) that your black voters qualify for – all of this while you are watching and doing jack shit.

Don’t tell me I cannot claim to be a victim, don’t you dare! You have been right about one thing though, miss Zille, and that is that we’ve been suffering from the ‘psyche of victimhood’ for too long. We’ve allowed you to keep us there – because we trusted you. For a long time we couldn’t understand why our condition kept worsening – and now we know.

You’ve been keeping us docile and pacified us with your empty promises and lately, your silence on issues of life and death to this community, is speaking for itself. You should’ve been in Belgium, you should’ve fought the good fight, but alas – you didn’t bother.

Well, the honeymoon is over.

Now that we’ve discovered that part of the reason for our victimhood, is due to your inability and blatant disregard for our rights and needs, we are taking back our future out of your hands. We don’t need you Zille….Why we ever thought that we needed you for anything in the first place, I’ll never know but, I can assure you, we are done with you.

800 000 poverty-stricken 'Professional whites' cannot claim 'victim-hood', according to Helen Zille, DA Leader


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